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The Ranch at CocoaConf

Apple’s WWDC is next week! Woot! But I know a lot of folks can’t make it to WWDC. There are a number of conferences happening over the summer for folks to get their technical info fix.

Four Big Nerd Ranchers will be speaking at CocoaConf at the end of this month, June 29 and 30: Jonathan Blocksom and Jonathan Saggau, creators of the Advanced iOS Bootcamp; Step Christopher, our local software quality expert, and I will be giving sessions.

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Jonathan Blocksom will be talking about iOS Computer Vision, using iDevice cameras along with iOS 5 and OpenCV APIs for understanding the real world; as well as a dive into OpenGL ES 2.0 and GLKit.

Jonathan Saggau’s session, Skeuomorphic designs that don’t make users’ eyes bleed, talks about techniques and gotchas inherent with apps with skeuomorphic designs. Includes real-life case studies.

Step Christopher’s Automated UI Testing and the Art of Vacuum Maintenance discusses user interface testing tools, behavior driven development principles, and how to use these tools in your development process. His second session is Rapid App Design and Iteration, using tools you probably already have on your computer to rapidly iterate application designs and prototypes.

I have three sessions. I’m recapping my Thoughts on Debugging, which describes my inner game bug hunting, and Performance Tuning sessions from CocoaConf Columbus. I also cover these topics in more depth during the Advanced Mac OS X Bootcamp. A new session for me is Custom UI, Easier than you think, where I go step by step creating an animated UI for a shipping app.

It should be fun. I hope you can join us and hang out with the Nerds.

(The Big Nerd Ranch has no affiliation with CocoaConf, but I spoke at CocoaConf Columbus last year and had a good time.)

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