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Top 10 Highgroove Moments of 2006


Charles Brian Quinn

OK, so it’s not as entertaining as the Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2006 or as heart-wretching as the Top Ten Breakups of 2006, but Highgroove Studios had a lot of great moments this past year.

For those of you who speak Ruby-on-Rails, here is how we came up with this list:

    HighgrooveTopTen.find(:all, :order => 'RANDOM()')
  1. We helped Blurb.com launch a NY Times-featured web application in time for the Christmas Season.

  2. James Edward Gray II’s 2nd book, TextMate: Power Editing for the Mac got published (as well as several recipes in the must-have Ruby Cookbook ). He was, however, turned down for his next book entitled: “Ruby Ninja Tricks: 17 Deadly Ways to Kill a Man Using Only Ruby.”

  3. Derek Haynes, who led the development of the Magma Design Automation customer service portal, proved Murphy’s Law, when his salesforce.com login expired 45 seconds into his one-minute Rails presentation at the salesforce.com conference. At least, that’s the story he claims.

  4. We all attended RubyConf 2006 in Denver, Colorado, but forgot to bring our clever “Highgroove-Powered” t-shirts, and a few other important things like toothpaste. Ahem, CBQ.

  5. Our #highgroove IRC Ruby bot became self-aware, stopped reporting all our Basecamp messages, code pastes, and check-ins, and became deeply interested in collectible Bratz doll figurines.

  6. Confirming what we’ve known for years, CBQ was officially declared a Big Nerd. No, really, he’s teaching the Ruby on Rails BootCamp at Big Nerd Ranch in Atlanta, Georgia and up and coming in Frankfurt, Germany.

  7. We sponsored the Rails Day 2006 contest, competed, and won “Most Useful Web Application,” for our entry Heartbeat.
    If you’re not using it to monitor and maintain your production Rails applications, well, you should be!

  8. Slingshot Hosting, our Business-Class Rails Hosting company, released several deployment guides, deployment tools, added better Partner-managed support, and shall henceforth be known as Slingshot “So-Incredibly-Easy-To-Launch-A-Rails-App-You-Have-No-Excuses-Now” Hosting.

  9. We learned Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, German, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish. Well, not really, but we built an AJAX-powered application with a translated interface to all these languages.

  10. We decided to change our slogan, from “Keeping it Simple.” to “Keeping it Simple” (see, without the period, now it’s perfect).

Here’s to 2007!


Charles Brian Quinn

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