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Top 10 Highgroove Moments of 2010


Charles Brian Quinn

It’s amazing to look back at Highgroove’s Top 10 Moments of 2006 while compiling this list of our top 10 moments of 2010.

While this list isn’t as good as the Top 10 Videos of 2010 or the Top 10 Fails of 2010, we sure had fun this year with our amazing clients.

  • We grew out of our Atlanta office. Twice. We went from 2 full time developers to 6, and hired our most excellent office manager, Megan. And we’re hiring more!

  • We scaled Ruby on Rails this year, helping a client of ours launch a service that gets 2 to 3 million hits a day.

  • We held 3 Barista training sessions at Counter Culture Coffee. We can’t lie, we know our coffee pouring skills have landed us many happy, caffeinated clients.

  • We helped our clients, and their clients (and their client’s clients) save a lot of money, building several deal, coupon, and money-saving sites. We like saving money all around.

  • We attended and presented at 6 conferences this year (RubyConf, Ruby Hoedown, RubyKaigi, LessConf, and more…)

  • We released several open source libraries, and contributed to many more, including a C-based (super fast) geo-locational library (geoip-c). Other libraries have uses ranging from versioning APIs to counting the number times the @#$! word was mentioned on Twitter.

  • Our iPhones sure came in handy this year, since we built several backends to iPhone applications featured in Apple’s App Store. Did we mention we love backend development of mobile and web applications?

  • The Highgroove Flat Screen Display in our office was used to display our company goals, our internal project management, metrics, presentations to clients, and, of course, the Wii.

  • We had several days where 100% of the office bicycled into work. Look for our logo on the upcoming Faster Mustache Jersey, as we’re sponsoring the 2011 team!

  • We attended a Matchstic Brand Camp, wherein, we realized all along, that we’re Personable Developers, with a goal to “Build Better Apps.”

We’re looking forward to a great 2011 – now where is our jetpack and the flying cars we were promised?


Charles Brian Quinn

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