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Top 5 Rails Stories of the Week ( 9/4 – 9/10)



1. Java hearts Ruby

The JRuby team gets assimilated into Sun. So what does JRuby do? Check out Jeremy Voorhis’ Hello World application and this presentation.

2. J2EE RESTful support – not for the faint of heart

Compare RESTful development in Java with Ruby on Rails. Wow – no wonder I’m happier getting up in the morning now. Scraped from Labnotes (pun intended).

3. WebStats: Predator Edition

In the Schwarzenegger flick Predator_, the alien could only see infrared light. Turns out it’s also useful when reviewing usage patterns on your website. Checkout the latest useful Rails application, CrazyEgg.

4. Rails 1.2 Preview

Six kids, and still has time for Rails. Bob Silva takes a look at what Rails 1.2 brings to the plate.

5. Finally – an elegant way to test your HTML code

Assaf Akin becomes the first Ruby news maker to make our list twice in one week. The prize – with food, water, and all vaccinations – will arrive tomorrow. Take a look at Assaf’s assert_select when you need to check your HTML output in functional tests.



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