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Why Experienced Programmers Should Attend Coding Bootcamps


Jade Hill

It’s a common assumption that coding bootcamps are only for students just entering the programming world, and not for those who already code professionally. However, here at Big Nerd Ranch, we teach only experienced programmers. Read on to find out why a coding bootcamp is so essential for people at this intermediate to advanced level.

3 reasons why advanced programmers should attend coding bootcamps

Coding Bootcamps Allow Programmers to Expand Skills Quickly

Most coding bootcamps are known for their fast-paced nature, but this becomes even more of a reality in an intermediate to advanced course. Because Big Nerd Ranch assumes that our learners already know the basics of coding, we move quickly. This means that we can often teach more than a dozen topics in the course of a few days, rather than a few months.

Coding Bootcamps Introduce Programmers to New Ideas

When the technology evolves, a developer must be prepared to make the changes that go along with it. We’re always working with the latest software, so we know how to teach our students about it. This permits advanced coders to learn the new operating systems or languages necessary to expand their skillsets.

Coding Bootcamps Allow Programmers to Learn from Each Other

We pride ourselves on our ability to learn from one another, and the same is true in our bootcamps. Not only do our students learn from instructors who are the brightest in the business, they also learn from one another. Because advanced students come with a particular set of skills, they are able to teach others what they know and learn from students who may be more advanced than themselves. Sometimes our students even teach our instructors a thing or two!

Learning With Big Nerd Ranch

We’ve taught developers at some of the top tech companies in the world—Facebook, Cisco, and AT&T, among others—and we’d love to teach you and your team too. For information about our bootcamps and the skills required in order to attend one, please visit our list of bootcamps.


Jade Hill

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