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Why Mobile: Staying Competitive in a Mobile-Centric World


Justin Williams

Homonym disclaimer: We’ll be discussing mobile apps in this post; not kinetic sculptures, Canadian rock bands, or the Southeastern port city that gave us Tim Cook, Winston Groom and Jimmy Buffett.

Problems a mobile app can solve

Right now is a great time to be a mobile-centric business because more than 6 billion people have access to a mobile device—that’s more than 80% of all people worldwide. On top of that, the average consumer spends over 30 hours per month in mobile apps. Is your company positioned for success in this mobile-centric world?

If your business hasn’t yet built that much-needed app, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 15 years, Big Nerd Ranch has helped our clients execute their mobile strategy by building world-class web, iOS and Android apps, as well as training their engineering teams in new mobile technologies. We’ve been at this mobile thing for a while now, and we can help you benefit from the massive shift toward mobile.

So why should your company build a mobile app?

Your Audience Is Mobile

Regardless of your product or service, or whether you are a B2B or B2C organization, your website is more likely to be viewed on a mobile device than on a desktop. With more people consuming information on mobile devices, your business must not only be there, but you must consider how your brand engages with your audience for all of those micro-moments. The right mobile app can extend your brand’s reach, boost customer engagement or meet your mobile workforce’s demand for increased productivity while on the go.

Websites Alone Don’t Cut It Anymore

Businesses of all sizes use their website as the hub of information and customer engagement, and chances are your business has a mobile-responsive website. However, many responsive websites treat customer interaction on a mobile device as an afterthought. Many websites are designed primarily for desktop browsers, and the responsiveness might mean nothing more than shrinking the copy and switching from landscape to portrait orientation. Providing your audience with a high quality mobile app, whether web or native, means your company is more accessible to a large mobile audience.

Common Problems a New Mobile App Can Solve

  • Low new customer acquisition via mobile devices
  • Low productivity from a field-based workforce
  • Low consumer ratings of your current mobile app
  • Low customer engagement on your responsive website via mobile device
  • Slow-loading responsive website pages
  • Conversion rates from a desktop far outpace conversion rates from a mobile device

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge Base

When you have a mobile strategy and you are ready to build a great mobile app, then now is the right time to talk to Big Nerd Ranch. Our approach focuses on understanding your company’s goals and objectives, and we will let you know quickly if our team has the right skills to develop the apps that will set you up for success.


Justin Williams

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