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Why We’re Excited about KotlinConf

Josh Skeen

Now more than ever, it’s an exciting time to be an Android developer. A huge reason for the excitement: this year, Google announced official support for the Kotlin programming language! This is a natural evolution from Java that finally gives Android developers the modern features they’ve asked for.

This year is also the first year of KotlinConf, JetBrains’s annual conference for sharing with the world all things Kotlin, straight from the architects of the language itself.

We’re especially looking forward to learning about new Kotlin features in the pipeline and hearing how the community is adopting Kotlin in their applications.

We’re thrilled to be in attendance this year – look for David Greenhalgh; he’s the one handing out nerd glasses! If you have an interest in leveling up your Kotlin skills, make sure not to miss it!

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Curious to better know Kotlin? Our two-day Kotlin Essentials course delivers in spades, while our Android Essentials with Kotlin course will set you on the right path for Android development.

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