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WWDC 2017: Large Titles and Safe Area Layout Guides


Mohammad Asgharneya

The UI in iOS 11 is mostly unchanged from that of iOS 10, but it does add a new variation to the navigation bar.

Larger Navigation Bar Titles

iOS 11 added a property to UINavigationItem that enables a large, out-of-line title in the navigation bar. Apple recommends that this larger title be enabled for the first view controller in a navigation controller, but you can use it with any view controller.

To display a large title, set the navigation item’s largeTitleDisplayMode to .always:

let vc = UIViewController()
vc.navigationItem.largeTitleDisplayMode = .always

Is That It?

Yes, that’s pretty much it. Now our app went from this:

Regular navigation bar with small title

to this:

Large navigation bar with large title, but content of the view controller is blocked

Oh no, something went wrong. This is what happens when the offset for the content was hardcoded; the taller title breaks the assumed fixed height, and we get unwanted overlap. If we’d used topLayoutGuide, then we’d be fine. But iOS 11 also deprecates topLayoutGuide!

Safe Area Layout Guides

safeAreaLayoutGuide replaces topLayoutGuide and bottomLayoutGuide as a new way to create constraints between your views and a superview. These guides are used in tvOS to help insure that important areas of your view aren’t cut off because of overscan. These guides can also be used as new anchors for your views within a UIViewController to make sure that the UINavigationBar or UITabBar isn’t blocking your content.

If you are familiar with writing programmatic constraints, using these new guides couldn’t be easier. Let’s see if we can fix our app using these new layout guides:

-  equalTo: view.topAnchor,
-  constant: 64
+  equalTo: view.safeAreaLayoutGuide.topAnchor
).isActive = true

With that fix, our content moves back beneath even the large-titled Navigation Bar:

Large navigation bar and content of the view controller is properly visible after constraint changes

If your constraints were created through Interface Builder, you can also opt into using the new layout guides. Open your Storyboard, view the File Inspector and select “Use Safe Area Layout Guides.”

Whether your project uses hardcoded offsets or topLayoutGuide and bottomLayoutGuide, we recommend using safeAreaLayoutGuide.

Learn more about why you should update your apps for iOS 11 before launch day, or download our ebook for a deeper look into how the changes affect your business.


Mohammad Asgharneya

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