Python Essentials

Our Python Essentials course is designed for professional software developers, scientists, and engineers. It gives you a comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language in just four days.

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The Python Essentials course is perfect for you if you need to get a working knowledge of Python quickly. This four-day class will introduce you to the language from the fundamentals, to Object-Oriented Programming and effective use of built-in library modules, to advanced topics like custom iteration, generators, closures, decorators and packages.

Bootcamp Price: $3700

Bootcamp price includes hotel, meals, and a shuttle to and from the hotel.

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How to prepare:


Working With Data

  • Learn how to represent data in Python idiomatically.

  • Master Python’s data structures and collections, such as tuples, lists, dictionaries, sets, etc.

  • Learn about Python’s capabilities to handle and process text.

  • Understand Python’s sequences and their capabilities for iterations, slicing and reductions.

  • Discover the power of List Comprehensions.

Working With Code

  • Learn how to organize larger programs.

  • Work with functions.

  • Understand exceptions and error handling in Python.

  • Learn about modules, namespaces and the difference between global and local definitions.

  • Get an overview of Python’s most useful modules.

Classes and the Python Object Model

  • Discover what Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is and how it works in Python.

  • Learn how to define classes and methods, and how to manage instance data.

  • Master single inheritance, multiple inheritance and method overriding.

  • Understand how the object model works in python.

  • Discover how dictionaries are at the core of how objects work in Python.

  • Understand how class and instance attribute lookups work.

Iterators and Generators

  • Learn about the iterator protocol and how to make your own objects respond to iteration.

  • Discover generators and generator expressions.

  • Understand the similarities and differences between list comprehensions and generator expressions.

  • Assemble Generator pipelines to process data in a flexible and modular way.

Some Advanced Topics, Testing, Debugging and Packages

  • Learn about closures and use them to define function decorators.

  • Understand static and class methods.

  • Discover the powerful flexibility of Python’s function arguments.

  • Learn about Python’s facilities for testing and debugging code.

  • Organize your projects into importable packages.

  • Learn how to install third-party packages.

What you'll learn:

  • Working effectively with the Python programming language, standard library and Python programming techniques
  • Scripting
  • Tools for systems administration
  • Data processing
  • Object-oriented programming in Python
  • Advanced Python programming topics

Who should take this class?

  • No prior experience with Python is required. However, this course assumes that students have prior experience with some other programming language such as C++, Java or Perl.
  • Students should already be familiar with the basic programming concepts: variables, statements, control-flow, functions, arrays, data structures and common programming problems.
  • Students must already know how to work with files, folders, editors, command shells, environment settings, internet connections and other essential aspects of using a computer for software development.

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