Design for Engineers

Join our very own design expert, Des, as she shares high-level insight on how an understanding of Design principles can make you a more efficient developer.

What will you gain by attending?

  • A better understanding of the rules of UI composition including Consistency, Patterns, and Hierarchy. This will save you time during UI design creation and strive for a perfect implementation the first time around.
  • Understanding of what a developer looks for in a quality design work and how it can differ from a developers perspective.
  • The ability to recognize issues in visual UI and be able to fix them without your designer’s direction. As a result, more autonomy when implementing UI

During the webinar, Des will use an example from The Royal Tenenbaums where Bill Murray asks a patient to recreate a configuration of blocks and the patient configures the blocks nothing like the blocks to be duplicated. This is a humorous take on what it’s like for a designer to hand over designs and the developer thinks they recreated the design, but it’s far from it.



Design For Developers Video

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Let's Discuss Your Project