Leadership Training Pt 1: Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

Do you ever wonder why some technical professionals thrive in leadership roles, while others never get the chance to lead?

Do you see people around you with the lesser technical ability get promoted and offered more opportunity than you?

Have you ever felt out of step with your peers, or had difficulty convincing leaders to adopt your ideas?

In this webinar, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence for Engineers, Aram shared real stories of Silicon Valley career successes and failures, from which you will learn:

  • The latest research on why People Skills are vital to career growth in Tech
  • The 3 career-killing mistakes Engineers make on the job.
  • The Difference between Management and Leadership
  • The key attributes of a Leader
  • 5 interpersonal skills for leaders that are as important as technical knowledge

Presenter Bio:

Aram Boyd is a leadership facilitator and executive coach with MotivaimCoach in the heart of Silicon Valley. He is a skilled coach of presentation, communication, and interpersonal influence strategies, with over 30 years’ experience in corporate learning and development. Aram helps technical professionals in any stage of their careers become better communicators and stronger leaders, with an engaging style rooted in behavioral science.



Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

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