Leadership Training Pt 2: Problem Solving, Decision Making and Meetings

Problem-solving and decision making are part of your daily activities, yet do you follow a tested method in obtaining a solution that works for everybody?

Do you view problem-solving as an opportunity to improve processes, re-enforce relationships, and further your leadership skills?
As you ponder conducting meetings to facilitate communication and decision making, do you have flashbacks of previous meetings that you immediately determined were a waste of your time?
93% of meeting participants say they’ve done just that—and it doesn’t have to be that way. Unfortunately, many crucial meetings lack preparation, focus, and useful outcomes.  In this 2-part of our Leadership series, we will address some of the most common challenges and strategies in problem-solving, decision-making and share a few techniques to increase overall effectiveness and achieve your meeting goals.
Presenter Bio:
Stephanie Moore is a certified master facilitator for both Instructor-led and virtual platforms.  She has an extensive background in leadership, consulting and facilitation.  Stephanie’s industry experience includes telecommunications, high tech, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, non-profit and career development.  She has traveled nationally and internationally to present leading-edge career and leadership development concepts and programs to organizations, universities, and associations.


Problem Solving Decision Making and Leading Effective Meetings

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