Two teams. One Goal.

Building a productive relationship between Product and Engineering.

There is a stereotypical tension that exists between product managers and engineering leads. The good news is that it’s a tension that’s driven by the desire to get the best product possible, even if the paths are sometimes different. The goal, then, is to bridge that gap so that the engineering team provides the best product possible on a technical level, the product manager provides what the client is looking for, and everyone comes out satisfied with the final product.

Our Director of Project Strategy, Dan Ra, and Projekt202 Chicago’s Director of Product Management, Tess Rethore, walk you through how to best build that bridge and create a harmonious and effective working relationship.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
– How to begin building out a team of product managers and engineering leads
– What product managers and engineering leads should consider as they approach a new project
– How to best define the responsibilities for these roles

This webinar is great for:
– Product managers, project managers, or the head of a product
– Engineering leads, technical architects, or tech lead
– Design lead or senior designers


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Let's Discuss Your Project