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Our enterprise clients see value in making sure their project goals are aligned with their corporate goals. We partner with startups to transform their vision into reality using brilliant code.

Taking Machine Learning from Concept to Product

A pharmaceutical applications company wanted a way to easily verify that the right pharmaceutical product was in the hands of the right patient. When our client approached BNR, the idea was still in the theoretical phase. We worked closely with them to not only prove the viability of the product but to design and develop a solution that utilized machine learning. 

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Navy / SoarTech

Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots need access to vital information quickly – traditionally this information is a literal stack of documents on their kneeboards. We worked with the Navy to conduct Industrial Design and UX Research into the human-factor challenges of digitizing a paper kneeboard and collaborated with a military contractor (SoarTech), to create a proof-of-concept demo.

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Big Nerd Ranch delivered an app that incorporates best-in-class Android development and UX standards. We added new, unique features such as Chromecast integration and social sharing functionality, helping to improve content discoverability and increase content consumption.
– App rating improved from 4.0 to 4.3
– Active devices increased 43%
– The number of total downloads increased 29%

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Partnering with PartCycle founders, Big Nerd Ranch delivered an app that is pioneering many industry-first technical innovations, including:
– The ability to purchase used automobile parts online, directly from professional automobile recyclers.
– An entirely scalable, cloud-based architecture with daily feature delivery.
– A mobile-first, analytics-based automotive parts search interface.

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Need help building your digital


Leveraging Roadie’s existing visual designs and brand standards, we crafted custom UI designs that encapsulate the best practices and unique capabilities of each platform. Creating platform-specific designs reduces development scope and gives iOS and Android users the experience they’ve come to expect.

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InPharm D

After quickly creating sketches, wireframes and prototypes, we were able to craft a design to fit the client’s needs.

From there, through tight collaboration with our developers, we created a native iOS app as well as a web app with Ruby on Rails.

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Home Automation

Fortune 100 client received best-in-breed, native iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets that allow their customers full control of their smart thermostat. Download full story to read full project details.

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