Android and Kotlin Essentials Corporate Training




This seven-day course teaches development techniques and language principles for working with the Kotlin programming language to build new Android apps. In addition to learning basic principles for Android development, you will also learn how to migrate your existing Java Android apps to the new language.

Who is this class designed for?

  • Current Android developers who are interested in transitioning their projects to Kotlin.
  • Developers of any language looking to become familiar with Android and explore the Kotlin language.
  • Hobbyist developers looking to make the leap into professional Android app development.
  • Developers who wish to see both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms implemented in a modern JVM language.

What You'll Learn

Who Loves Our Curriculum

Use the Knowledge

San Francisco, CA

“I was completely immersed in Kotlin for the first 2 days and was able to use it in the following Android Essentials [portion].”


Mountain View, CA

“Great instructor, very knowledgeable on Kotlin and visible enthusiasm which was contagious.”

No Questions
Stumped Them

Atlanta, GA

“Both [instructors] knew their stuff as no questions stumped them!”

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Let's Discuss Your Project