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Four out of every five smartphones uses the Android operating system. Learn to build for this ever-present platform with our five-day introduction to Android programming.

Who is this class designed for?

  • A working knowledge of Java is necessary for this course and students should have programming experience. However, no Android programming experience is necessary.
  • If you have an existing iOS or web app and want to broaden your user base, this course is a great fit. That said, experience in other mobile platforms is a plus, but not required.

What You'll Learn

Who Loves Our Classes


Santa Monica, CA

“The class “met my expectations” which sounds bad but it’s not. My expectations were high based on the positive feedback I’d heard from co-workers who had gone through this bootcamp earlier”

Exposed to
New Concepts

Englewood, CA

“The class was successful in exposing me to Android concepts and frameworks that I had not had an opportunity to study.”

Real World
Best Use Practices

Atlanta, GA

“My goal taking the class to get a formalized foundation in the android basics and I feel like I now have a good understanding of the basics and with David and Eric’s insights have some ideas on how real world best use practices might differ from the basics.”

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Let's Discuss Your Project