iOS and Swift Essentials Corporate Training




If you’re new to iOS development and want to write applications that run on the iPhone or iPad, this course is just what you need. In just seven days, we’ll have you building your first iOS application using Swift.

Who is this class designed for?

  • Android or web programmers who want to learn iOS programming.
  • iOS programmers who want to brush up on the latest iOS trends and technologies
  • Prior experience in either a procedural programming language (such as C, Pascal, VB, or PHP) or another object-oriented platform (such as Java or C#) is strongly recommended.

What You'll Learn

Who Loves Our Classes

Best Class
Ever Taken


“The instructor was great and the material was on-target. The pace for the class was fast but appropriate. This was one of the best training classes that I have ever taken.”

New Understanding
of Apps

Internet of Things

“My goal coming into the class was to attain enough knowledge to be able to muddle my way thru building and debugging my company’s Swift based iOS apps with more than a rudimentary understanding of what was going on. That goal was surpassed. At this point I’m looking at apps on my phone with a new understanding of what is going on behind the scenes”

Excellent Use of
My Time


“The class was an excellent use of my time. I believe it will make me more productive in my job in the weeks and months to come. At the very least it will have shortened the learning curve.”

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Let's Discuss Your Project