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Discover why Google has pinned Kotlin as the future of Android development with this two-day course. You will learn Kotlin development techniques and language principles, and walk away knowing how to migrate existing Java projects to Kotlin.

Who is this class designed for?

  • Java Android developers interested in transitioning projects to Kotlin.
  • Developers of all languages looking to explore Kotlin.
  • Developers who wish to see both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms implemented in a modern JVM language.
  • Junior Android developers looking to learn new skills in order to advance their careers.

What You'll Learn

Who Loves Our Curriculum


Easy to follow

“This book walks the reader through building a project. Over time, the project becomes more complicated, as the topics being taught become more complex. I plan to read this book from start to finish, and build the project to it’s completion. I think you could also read particular chapters if you didn’t want to do the entire project.”


Better than a blog!

“This book is well written, and does a great job of explaining not just “how”, but also “why.” It’s not overly dry, and the exercises and example code all works together.”


Skeptical at first, but couldn't be happier

“This book was incredible. Easy to follow examples and clear explainations. If you are an Android developer this is a MUST.”

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Let's Discuss Your Project