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Finding quality content online to advance your skills can be challenging. Let Big Nerd Ranch help you navigate the noise with short, practical guides on topics and concepts that level up your skills. Our experts are here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.

The Frontier

Train your skills daily. Learn in-demand technical skills, gain confidence and write better code.

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Screencasts FAQs

What is the Frontier?

An exclusive collection of short, high-quality screencasts created by Big Nerd Ranch engineers and instructors.

Who is this for?

Engineers and designers who are being paid to write code. We know your time is valuable. This means our screencasts get right to the point, delivering bite bite-sized chunks of documentation in 5-10 minute screencasts. If you’re new to programming or just getting started, you should check out some of our upcoming bootcamps.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors are senior engineers at Big Nerd Ranch with a history of writing best-selling books, creating course curriculum for advanced courses while building industry-leading apps and digital products. We’re a dedicated group of software engineers who thrive on helping you write better code. You’ll be in good hands.

What topics do you cover?

Our featured topics include Android, iOS, Web and Design. We cover topics in mobile such as Swift and Kotlin, we also cover JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue. Feel free to browse our collection before signing up.

When is new content added?

Our content library is constantly expanding. We add new screencasts to the platform as we complete them. We typically complete 4-6 new screencasts per month. If you have any content suggestions please fill out a request on our contact page.

Can I sample a screencast before subscribing?

Yes -- you can start by watching some of our sample screencasts. This is a great way to get familiar with our teaching style and the depth of knowledge you’ll receive from the content. When you’re ready, create your account and add a payment method to activate your 7 day free trial.

How should I use the Frontier?

Try scheduling 10 minutes each day to watch a screencast. If you commit to watching a screencast each day, we are certain you’ll learn useful skills that will make your life as a programmer easier.

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