Advanced Mac OS X Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 3rd Edition


There have been enough books written on programming for Mac OS X to fill a library. But none of them are written by Mark Dalrymple, one of the industry's leading lights, nor built upon our Advanced Mac OS X bootcamp. (If you'd like a sample of Mark’s brilliance, check out his contributions to our blog.)

About the Book

Find out how to leverage the powerful underlying technologies of Mac OS X by getting into the real nitty-gritty of multi-threading, interprocess communication, networking, performance tuning, distributed objects, kqueues, Bonjour, authentication, the keychain, and directory services. The tools are also covered: gcc, gdb, subversion, Shark, and Saturn.

Programmers who are new to the platform will appreciate the guide's learn-while-doing approach. Each chapter introduces or further develops an application that's been carefully designed and tested to teach concepts and provide real experience. Some apps are small stubs completed in a chapter. Others span chapters and offer practice working with complex apps and advanced tools like Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: C and Objective C
  3. Chapter 2: The Compiler
  4. Chapter 3: Blocks
  5. Chapter 4: Command-Line Programs
  6. Chapter 5: Exceptions, Error Handling, and Signals
  7. Chapter 6: Libraries
  8. Chapter 7: Memory
  9. Chapter 8: Debugging with GDB
  10. Chapter 9: DTrace
  11. Chapter 10: Performance Tuning
  12. Chapter 11: Files, Part I: I/O and Permissions
  13. Chapter 12: Files, Part II: Directories, Files Systems, and Links
  14. Chapter 13: NSFileManager - Cocoa and the File System
  15. Chapter 14: Network Programming With Sockets
  16. Chapter 15: CFRunLoop
  17. Chapter 16: kqueue and FSEvents
  18. Chapter 17: Bonjour
  19. Chapter 18: Multiprocessing
  20. Chapter 19: Using NSTask
  21. Chapter 20: Multithreading
  22. Chapter 21: Operations
  23. Chapter 22: Grand Central Dispatch
  24. Chapter 23: Accessing the Keychain

About the Author

Mark Dalrymple Bio Pic

Mark Dalrymple instructs our Advanced Mac OS X bootcamp and is the principal author of Learn Objective-C on the Mac. He is also co-founder of CocoaHeads, the international Mac programmers' group with chapters in more than 30 countries.

Mark has been a Macintosh programmer since 1985 and a professional Unix programmer since 1990. As a veteran of both startups and companies like AOL and Google, he has written server software handling tens of thousands of requests per second, as well as desktop software running on millions of Macintoshes worldwide.